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Regional Wine

14 de May, 2021

Today I tell you about the regional wine or IGP wine (Protected Geographical Indication). These designations on the label of a wine indicate more than just the region where that wine was produced.

               They guarantee the origin of that wine.

The mentions regional wine or IGP wine are related to the control regulation of these wines that are "above" what we used to call table wine - today just called wine - and "below" DOC or PDO wine.

Today, this designation is so strong that some appellations such as Lisboa regional wine, Alentejo regional wine and Tejo regional wine represent higher sales to the DOCs (Controlled Designation of Origin) themselves.


What is regional wine?

It is a way less restrictive to be able to produce a wine with an appellation of origin.

For example, in a PGI we can have higher yields per hectare and we can use a more varieties that in DOC wines are not allowed.

Num vinho regional podemos até misturar vinho de outra região, mas apenas até uma quantidade de 15%, de forma a que não percam o seu carácter regional.

These wines - just like DOC wines - are also certified and controlled by the CVRs, regional wine commissions, IVDP in the Douro and IVBAM on Madeira Island, or that gives the guarantee that the wine complies with the qualitative parameters that express the region.


Characteristics of regional wine

The characteristics of these wines must be markedly those of each of the regions where they are produced. How is this accomplished? I'll give you an example:

"A French variety, the sauvignon blanc, due to its commercial strength, it is increasingly spread throughout Portugal.

This variety can be used to produce Alentejo regional wine, or Lisbon regional wine, or Tejo regional wine, or Minho regional wine, or even Terras Durienses regional wine.

My question to you is: what will be the characteristics of this grape variety in each of these regions, will they be the same? Of course not!

Although this variety is very striking and distinctive, the regional character will determine its characteristics, without the grape variety being absent.

Onde comprar o vinho regional?

            Buying these wines online has never been easier.

Casca Wines' online store has alentejo regional wineSetubal Peninsula Regional Wine and Lisbon regional wine.

But in any department store, such as El Corte Inglés, you will find regional wine, either online or physically on the shelves.

“Para mim, como enólogo, esta denominação é a forma de poder produzir castas estrangeiras, dentro de Portugal e com a expressão do terroir where they are grown.

Of course I want our varieties to be the queens of our wines, but my profession "forces" me to experiment.

In this case, experiencing what's good out there and, of course, experience the result inside!


Hélder Cunha

My life is the wine
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