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Cabo da Roca Wine

26 de October, 2020

Cabo da Roca wine? Yes, you read that right. But are there vineyards on the westernmost point of continental Europe? No, there aren't. However, there is Cabo da Roca wine. A couple of years before Casca Wines was founded, I did a thorough research of brands that would make sense in the then dream, which has since become reality in the form of a company. And this is how the Cabo da Roca wine brand was born. The Romans gave it the name Promontorium Magnum. The poet Luís de Camões refers to it in his work "Os Lusíadas".  And for me, Cabo da Roca is one of the main landmarks of my hometown, Cascais.

What is Cabo da Roca Wine?

Cabo da Roca wine is the Atlantic expression of Casca Wines' wine portfolio. A brand for which we try to "pull" the most Atlantic side of the coastal regions of Portugal. Cabo da Roca Vinho Verde is a one of the oldest wine references from Casca Wines and, although in its origin it is physically far from Cabo da Roca, it shows well the freshness and lightness that the Atlantic can imprint in a white wine.

Origin of Cabo da Roca Wine

The origins of Cabo da Roca wines are several, the most expressive being the Lisbon region. In this region it is easy to feel the Atlantic influence, since to the west of the Serra de Montejunto the maritime winds that blow from the north mark the character of the wines. Here it is easy to produce wines where you can feel the salinity and a good example of that are our whites and rosés of the Cabo da Roca brand. The red wines, protected by the Montejunto mountain range, reflect the Atlantic character through their vivacity in a firm structure that is unique in the country.

In other places, such as the Setubal Peninsula, the Atlantic character is expressed in a different way, since the region is surrounded by water, either to the west by the ocean, to the north by the Tagus River or to the south by the Sado River. The sandy soils that increase the sensation of heat in a region with an average annual humidity of around 80% also dominate here.

In this way, wines with some salinity and marked elegance are produced, without losing any firmness in their structure.



Cabo da Roca Wine Production

In the production of Cabo da Roca wines we have to adapt to each of the "terroirs" where we produce.

Cabo da Roca Vinho Verde is produced in a way that expresses the granitic soils typical of the Vinho Verde region, never forgetting the vivacity transmitted from a more pronounced acidity, typical of the region, and the "needle" so characteristic in vinho verde.

In the Lisbon region, we look for the clay-limestone soils close to the sea to produce the white and rosé wines. In the case of Cabo da Roca Lisboa red wine, we look for clay soils, protected in valleys or south of the Serra de Montejunto, to produce red wines with intense aromatic expression and a firm but soft structure.

In the sandy soils of the Setúbal Peninsula region, white wines acquire a pronounced character from the region's queen grape variety, the Moscatel Graúdo. In the reds, Castelão is the boss, which transmits a maritime elegance to the blended wines we produce there.

Where to Buy Cabo da Roca Wine?

Cabo da Roca wine can be purchased at El Corte Inglés stores. Naturally, you can always buy this wine in our Cellar Door in Estoril. Or - even simpler - buy wine online conveniently through the Casca Wines website. And one thing is for sure, wherever the bottle comes from, you will feel that Cabo da Roca wine has an incredible quality/price ratio. Enjoy.


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