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Field Blend

26 de March, 2021

Field Blend.

        You are choosing a wine and you come across this expression on the label: "Field Blend"... what does it mean?

From now on, no more questions! Basically, Field Blend indicates a lote da vinha.

This has always been a way of maintain quality dos vinhos produzidos, desde há séculos. Os antigos plantavam as different varieties in the same vineyard as a way to ensure quality.

But there was another purpose to this method of production. It was the best way to cut your losses of harvest due to inclement weather in a year, since having the different varieties planted in your vineyard, there would be less likelihood and risk of crop loss.


What is a Field Blend?

A Field Blend, in winemaking, is a vineyard, typically a very old one, in which where planted several varieties mixed..

The reason for this has always been to guarantee a complete blend and a consistent quality. The way that was found centuries ago to achieve a "perfect" blend was to plant in the same vineyard grape varieties that would guarantee good color, others that would guarantee fruity aromas, and even vines that would guarantee structure and acidity, and thus obtain a quality batch consistently, for years.


Where to find Field Blend?

The region in Portugal where you can most easily find wines produced from old vines, where you can find more than 30 different varieties of grapes, is Douro region.

This region was once a sea of these kinds of vines, but today, with all the support and reconversions of old vines into new ones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find these treasures.


How to make a Field Blend?

In the vineyard, as in the winery, the key expression for producing this kind of wine, in my opinion, is "respect for the terroir".

When I produce a Field Blend I feel I am honoring the old traditions, bringing the truths of old to the present day.

A Field Bend is a vineyard that is harvested all at the same time and that it ferments all together. It would be impossible for more than 30 different varieties to ripen at the same time, so these wines are the ultimate expression of "terroir", because here the varieties themselves play a minor role.

What is wanted here is the expression of the vine and the grapes at the point of ripeness on the day you make the decision to harvest.


Types of field blend wine

There are several regions in Portugal where different types of Field Blend can be created.

At Casca Wines we produce wines of this type in the region of Bairrada, but here the berry variety speaks a little louder than the others found in the vineyard. At Dão, although our vineyard is over 80 years old and has separate varietals, we harvest the entire vineyard in a single day and the grapes all ferment in set, guaranteeing a Field Blend.

Regardless of the type of Field Blend, one thing is certain: in these wines it is the team that speaks louder and not the uniqueness of each caste. A kind of one for all and all for one

Hélder Cunha

My life is the wine
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