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Online Wines

6 de June, 2022

Buying Wines Online has made wine consumption even simpler, with the advantage of bringing to oenophiles flavors from small producers that are not usually found in convenience supermarkets, those where we do our daily shopping. Long gone are the times when buying from an online wine store seemed complicated and generated mistrust [...]

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The benefits of wine on sexuality

28 de March, 2022

Any wine lover will not hesitate to say that the benefits of wine on sexuality are many and obvious. Wine and sex are so important to our happiness - we think! - that this alone is enough to make wine an aphrodisiac from the very first moment. Wine is surely a great [...]

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Regional Wine

14 de May, 2021

Today I'm telling you about regional wine or IGP wine (Protected Geographical Indication). These designations on the label of a wine indicate more than just the region where that wine was produced. They guarantee the origin of that wine. The mentions regional wine or IGP wine are related to the control regulations of these wines that stand "above" what we used to call wine of [...]

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DOC wine

14 de April, 2021

DOC and DOP are abbreviations that you may be used to seeing on various types of products, including wines. DOC means Denomination of Controlled Origin and DOP means Denomination of Protected Origin. In wine, they can be used in the same way, since they have the same rules. It is just and only a matter of nomenclature. [...]

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Field Blend

26 de March, 2021

You are choosing a wine and come across this expression on the label: "Field Blend"... what does it mean? From now on, no more doubts! Basically, Field Blend indicates a blend from the vineyard. This has always been a way to maintain the quality of the wines produced, since centuries ago. The ancients planted different varieties in the same vineyard as [...]

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23 de February, 2021

The wine's tannins are the components that have the most influence on the structure of a wine, especially in the tanning wines, which are mostly reds. What are tannins? Tannins exist abundantly in nature especially in trees, leaves, legumes, seeds and of course in the rind of testosterone enanthate cycle many fruits, such as the [...]

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